A chi hair straightenerchi flat iron is a genius invention that has helped women everywhere. Women can not imagine life without it any longer. A flat iron makes the hair straight, gives it a more groomed look and is used for creating different styles. There are countless brands in the market today that provide the best flat ironing results, the CHI flat iron is one of them. It one of the most popular flat ironing brands in the entire world. Even though CHI flat iron is one of the best brands in the entire world, one has to learn use it for achieving the best results possible.One of the first thing to be done is, shampoo and condition your hair to remove all the dirt and build up of different hair products. After washing the hair, take a little of hair serum and run it through damp hair, this way your hair is protected from potential damage. Apart from protecting your hair, the serum also holds the style together, making it more lasting. Before using the CHI flat iron, dry your hair completely. Adjust the CHI flat iron to the texture and volume of your hair. Comb your hair to get rid of tangles and unruly hair. Put your hair in to sections and adjust these sections to size of the CHI flat iron plates. Use clip separators to divide the hair while ironing.Hold the wholesale chi irons in one hand and a brush in the other hand. Using the hand holding the comb, grab a section of hair. Start from as close to the scalp as possible, place the hair between the CHI flat iron plates. Close the hot iron plates around the hair and softly apply pressure as you slide the iron down to the ends of the hair. After ironing the section, immediately run the comb through the same section. Continue this process until you have achieved the desired level of straightening. Follow the same technique to iron all of your hair. After you have ironed all of your hair, use a light finishing spray to hold your style.You can select any Avanti flat iron model according to your hair length as various designs are manufactured with different plate sizes specifically for short to long hair. Summing up, if you are looking for the best flat iron to date then Avanti chi flat iron sale is the one which you need since it has the latest technology which is specially design to give professional touch and hair protection against severe heat.The specific braids tend to be numerous Zafar your own protagonist with this particular stunning, informal type of the road in addition to obtain conquer your own improve of people may choose the aspect pub from the unfastened braid, providing slow pattern.This could reduce the computer size back again hair mind peak, so your complete part CHI Straightener denture produced from the design point of view.