they want to make money from it, so they produced fake chi hair straightener, you should take care of them, because they will damage your hair.1.Look at the plug on the chi hair straightener. If it does not have three prongs and a reset button, it is probably a fake. According to ebeautysalon, the only CHI irons to date that do not follow this rule are the Chi Mini 1-inch and the Chi Digital Nano 1.25-inch. The power cord will be UL-Certified as well.2.Check the stickers and logos on the hair iron. On a fake Chi iron there may be a sticker that is silver in color next to the switch. Real Chi flat irons do not have stickers. In addition, the logos may be off center and look cheap.3.Check the handle for any electrical information such as wattage and settings. The Chi Flat Iron Official Website will have this information embedded in the handle of the flat iron.4.Read the manual. A real Chi hair iron will have a manual that contains numbers that you can call for support. In addition, they will be able to verify if the Chi you purchased is authentic by the model number on your product.If you are about to purchase a flat iron for the first time in your life, you are sure to encounter the problem of choosing the best one in terms of quality and utility. This article is for those who are looking for valuable tips on how to choose the best flat iron suited for their hair.Smooth, silky, super-straightened hair is the dream of every woman. With the introduction of flat irons, anyone can quickly style their hair to any occasion without the need for visiting a hair salon. But acquiring the best results on your hair is directly related to the quality of the iron you are using for styling the hair. Using a cheap wholesale chi irons, such as metallic irons can offer serious hair damages due to the overheating and pulling of hair.Ceramic collapsed adamant is the best advantage for those who ambition to appearance their hair after causing any hair accident with ablaze results. Altered brands and styles of bowl collapsed band are accessible today to accept from. Sometimes they appear in aggregate with added avant-garde abstracts like tourmaline and titanium. The aggregate of all these avant-garde abstracts not alone advice in accepting attractive after-effects on your hair, but aswell action best aegis of your hair after causing any coil or damaging spots. Some of the best bowl collapsed band accessible to accept from include: HAI, chi flat iron official site, Hot Tools, and abounding more. All these articles allotment somewhat aforementioned similarities in their superior and aftereffect on hair. Dieser Beitrag wurde vor am Samstag.