Do you know that the invention of chi flat irons have come as a boon to many persons who have curly hair? In the past, straightening your curly hair was very hectic and troublesome. As there were only certain straight hair style trends which would take considerably a very long period of time and the process was difficult. At the end of the process mostly it would turn out to be a flop.
You have just a flat iron with you but you would like to curl your hair and you don't have a curling iron. So, would you go and buy a curling iron? No need to this as you would be able to curl your hair with a flat iron you have with you presently. Are you surprised? You can just try out and for that all you require is a flat iron and a top quality heat damage protection gel. Still can't believe? Then you surely have to try out by just following some simple steps.Take your very thin chi products wholesale with a round edge which is about an inch-and-a half or less and depending on your hair type. If your hair is very coarse and curly then the flat iron should be heated to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The flat iron should have round edge so that your hair would not get damaged. Before starting the process you will have to apply a heat damage protection gel and should make sure that your hair is completely dried out. Use a blow dryer to get your hair dried. Now you come across that you hair is very smooth as there will be no knots and tangles.
Hold a section of your hair within the flat iron and you can turn the device in any direction. You can turn it to the direction of about one-and-a-half turns in the direction you require your curl to be; and you should simultaneously pull the flat iron. They have specially coated ceramic plates that provide skilled hair styling without causing any damage to the hair. The device has with five temperature settings for all hair types as well as stays hotter and provides more consistent heat at all adjustable temperature settings. This will help the user to regulate the heat of the device during styling. For added convenience and versatility, this tool comes with ergonomic design and variable heat control on handle.HAI Flat Iron is offers faster heat-up time than conventional coil cheap chi flat irons. It will rise to the desired temperature in less than 25 seconds from being turned on. It is integrated with a good number of other significant features like Safety IDCI plug to prevent electrical shocks, Variable temperature settings for all hair types, and can be used for coarse, thick, ethnic and resistant hair in healthy condition.The process is so simple and easy; and you yourself would be astonished with your new haircut simply with a flat iron.