Prior to beginning the hair straightening process using cheap chi straighteners, you need to be conscious of the most imperative rules of using flat irons. Thermal styling procedure should be started on clean and dry hair only. Prior to applying
wholesale chi hair straightener, keep in mind to get ready your hair by shampooing and conditioning with a moisture-rich formula. You may also take advantage of a leave-in conditioning spray for added protection of your hair from drying and thermal styling procedure. Always apply high quality heat protecting shampoos, conditioners, balms, gels, sprays, etc. Consider a flat iron with adjustable heat control for your comfort and safety.Always select the most suitable sized tool for your hair. If your hair is down your shoulders in length, you can consider a flat-iron appliance with plate width of 1inche to 1-1/2 inches. Choose wider irons for those with longer hair should. The small appliance is just the true one for an average haired woman for enhanced control owing to less weight and easiness to handle. Applying flat irons with manageable sections of your hair is the best way of application. Applying iron on too much hair at one time can also proffer uneven application of heat as the heat spreads to other side of the appliance also and the hair at the middle won't get adequate heat.
Furthermore, in no way try to straighten too thick section of hair to be heated longer since it can overheat the outer layers of the hair, in that way damaging your hair. As a result, always apply heat after dividing your hair into identical sections to the width of the heating plates. This help in applying heat consistently to get desired straightness. In order to enhance the hair style, it is recommended to use a small amount of styling product. For getting maximum results, utilize a combination of right hair care products and right straightening iron. After
chi hair straightener, use wide-toothed comb and detangling products.This process can be repeated to your whole hair. If you want your curls to stay longer, you can use a hair spray and be sure that you spray to the underneath of your hair.The Flat Iron comes with advanced negative iron technology that helps in deep penetration of heat into the hair shaft, while drying the hair from inside out.