GHD and chi hair straighteners are two best selling models available in the market today. Both of them excel in their technological integrations and features. In this article, we will discuss how they are different from each other and the features that make one superior than the other. Both of the GHD and chi flat irons for sales are manufactured by the industry giants and are highly preferred owing to their best results they deliver. When talking about the technological integration, both of them adopt innovative features that add to their efficiency and utility. The CHI flat irons are manufactured by incorporating the advanced Nano Silver technology that is capable of preventing the formation of harmful bacteria and fungi on the hair shaft. As a result, you are provided with a clean and healthy scalp and hair. While the GHD flat irons are highly demanded due to the integration of the advanced ceramic technology that helps in gentle application without damaging the hair. The ceramic technology of the GHD flat irons is capable of emitting numerous negative ions that can reduce the power of heat on the hair and thus protect your hair from heat damages. Further, they help in locking the natural moisture of the hair and prevent frizz and hot spots that are often found when using an ordinary thermal styling tool. While the GHD 1" Mk4 flat iron is known as the top rated model of GHD, CHI Turbo 1" is the best selling variety in the exquisite product line of CHI flat irons. Since both of these flat irons compete with several advanced features of their own, it is hard to judge which one is superior to the other. When the design or the style of these flat irons is taken into account, both of them are constructed with stylish, ergonomic profiles that make them highly easier and comfortable to handle. The CHI turbo flat irons are equipped with a better griped handle that make it more comfortable for styling. It is also provided with turn on/off. The GHD Mk4 flat iron is also equipped with a bottom griped handle and can be used to accomplish different hairstyles easily. The major benefit of both of them is that they both heat up within seconds. When temperature control is looked out, the GHD flat irons are slightly superior to the wholesale chi hair straightener. They both come in different price tags.A more advanced iron than the above discussed Mk3 is the GHD Mk4 flat iron. They are available at a price range of $250 and come with a variety of interesting features. They use ceramic coated over aluminum. This helps in reducing the static electricity which are prone to build up in case of normal metal plates. The outer coating of the iron is done in such a way to avoid getting too hot and us also resistant to fire. This type of flat irons can be used anywhere around the globe as it comes with universal voltage selector. It can be used in 100V supply as well as 220V supply. The package also contains a DVD which helps the users to learn how to use a flat iron and also discuss some steps on how to straighten and curl your hair. Thus considering the features the cost is reasonable.