chi flat iron, a hair care company who name sands for "Good Hair Days" began in 2001 with the idea to products that ensured more frequent good hair days. They had a cult following soon after their launch and are still coveted by celebrities and professional stylists. GHD Flat Irons do more than create sleek, straight styles. Their unique design features rounded plates and handles, so the same styling tool that you use to straighten you hair can also curl, flip and wave. This eliminated the need for several cumbersome styling tools under the bathroom counter. The wholesale chi irons is the award winning iron that made a name for GHD almost ten years ago. With digital technology controlling the iron's temperature, the GHD iron sensed the porosity of the hair and adjusts itself to the appropriate temperature. it styles hair faster and better. Another awesome feature on the GHD styler is its automatic shut-off after 30 minutes of non-use. No more constant worry that you left the iron plugged in! The one inch plates are the ideal size for fast and easy styling. Although GHD irons are made with the highest standards of quality, and come with a one year warranty, they also feature two modes that protect the iron from damage so you can be assured that your GHD Styler will last and last. The shiver mode protects the iron from condensation that can occur when temperatures fall below 5C. The thermal fuse safety feature prevents the iron from overheating. With the GHD Mark IV Pink Flat Iron - 1", you will discover miraculous new looks with divine straight, tousled volume and perfect curls! The new rounder barrel gives you ultimate control for perfect curls, waves, flicks or the perfect straight! It's so easy to create waves, curls and flicks that you'll never need the same look twice. Also comes with an ultimate surface for static free sheen! Good hair days can be hard to come by, but chi flat iron official site are the perfect weapon to combat the frizz, kinks, and unruliness that make bad hair. GHD Styler fans are growing in number and will continue to. Looking at the cost it is expensive but it is justifiable as GHD Mk4 has been designed to professional standard and will surely work to your satisfaction. You can completely rely on it and it is simply the best money can buy. There are several forums and reviews online for you that will surely help you to get the answer to all your queries regarding each model and what features it has to offer and compare it to other brands to see if it's worth buying. Never make any decision in haste and take time go through all the reviews and compare the prices and features and the benefits that you would be getting from this hair straightener before you finally go for it.