Any conventional chi flat iron official site can only be used to straighten the hair. Whereas GHD Ceramic rod, it can be used as both hair straighteners and also, curls the hair and make a wavy hair. It comes with round or curved barrel which helps in styling any type of hair. Apart from all these features, the iron included a DVD which helps the customers to follow the instructions to use properly for best results. Advanced technology of chi flat iron model, has ceramic heat aluminum plates which results in soft shiny hair by locking hair cuticles while straightening, hair curls or any type of styling. Hair is also protected from damage due to overheat as it spreads heat evenly by emitting negative ions which makes the hair look smooth and shiny.Among all flat irons the GHD Flat iron is considered as the best as GHD professional have manufactured well equipped, versatile and properly designed hair styling flat irons. Its latest innovation is GHD Ceramic tool with advanced technology. GHD Ceramic Iron which has ceramic coated plates helps to seal the cuticles and absorbs the moisture in the hair and prevents atmospheric moisture from re-penetrating. Another feature is fire retardant which spreads heat evenly. Its shiver mode fights against the condensation if the room temperature is below 5°C. For quick heat conduction, it has built-in microprocessor. It also gives two year limited warranty to its customers. The iron can be used worldwide traveling as it comes with 110V TO 230V universal voltage. An added feature is that it has sleep mode safety function which turns off the iron when it is not attended for 30 minutes. Most eye catching feature is that it comes with flash quick heating capability which gets heated within 15 seconds.GHD models when compared with other brands, is expensive but, said to be worthy as it is liked and appreciated by many users.Retailing around $180 the GHD Mk3 flat iron remains a popular choice for many and this is because the price tag perfectly match up with the useful features associated with it. The presence of same size heaters and plates ensures an even distribution of heat. Most plates are heated with’s’ shaped heaters so that the plates can have cold spots. Another most amazing feature in chi flat irons for sale is that the plates are not fixed like most, but 'float'. Floating plates will help to adjust with the contour of your hair and maintain an even application of heat. But one bad feature that is reducing its demand is that the temperature is fixed at 370F that is badly compared with other hair straightener that allows you to control the temperature and is also available in lesser price. Next the upgraded GHD Mk4 flat iron retailing for around $240 was released in the market that has ceramic heaters mounted on aluminum and this feature significantly reduces static electricity. Attention has been to the outer body also coating it with a fire retardant which will help to keep the body from getting too hot. It also has universal voltage so that you can use it anywhere around the globe and is also associated with a new feature called 'shiver' mode that protects the ceramic plates from condensation that can cause damage to them if the room temperature falls below 5 degrees C. Offering DVD with GHD Mk4 hair straightener is highly useful for the users that enables them to learn how to use it and create various hairstyles.