Most of the women are worried due to the inconvenience in carrying their hair styling tools with them when away from home. They feel it hard to manage their hair during a holiday trip or other similar occasions. Fortunately, the introduction of chi flat iron that comes in a compact, easy to carry, light weight design, you can carry them in a small kit to maintain your hair great even when you are away from home. The revolutionary GHD hair straightener kit is complimented with a travel size, GHD travel hair dryer that can be carried using a GHD roll bag that is provided with these products. Thus, your worries about styling your hair at all times are solved. In this article, we will know more about this amazing product. Available in a Limited edition heat resistant purple chi flat irons for sale roll bag, the hair straightener and hair dryer of GHD is the perfect companion for anyone who has frequent traveling needs. This helps in ensuring that your hair is at its best appearance even during outings. When the choice of the best flat iron comes into your mind, most of the popular hair stylists of the world recommend a high quality, safe ceramic flat iron other than the ordinary metallic irons that would burn and ruin your hair. This amazing product of GHD is a small as 25mm Width, 1 Inch Length 100mm 4 Inches and just the ideal one for you to fit in your purse. Moreover it is integrated with advanced ceramic technology to enhance its quality and safety. GHD hair straighteners help in accomplishing different hairstyles without damaging your hair or causing frizz or damaging spots. Moreover, it retains the natural moisture of the hair and prevents the formation of bacteria and fungus on the scalp. They are equipped with a good number of noteworthy features such as the universal voltage feature that help to be used from anywhere in the world. It can operate from 110V to 220V and can sense the incoming voltage, thereby adapting to any condition. The GHD hairdryer is also integrated with advanced ceramic technology that is capable of maintaining stable heat while drying. It is also provided with universal voltage feature and can operate with the same voltage as the hair iron.If you are planning to buy a GHD flat iron then you must visit the official website of wholesale chi hair straightener so as to go through the available options. You can thoroughly study the features of every model of GHD. In this way you will be able to evaluate the model which fulfills your requirements.