chi flat iron consists of a sticker which is in silver color next to the switch where in original Chi iron does not have any sticker and has got UL certification.Original Chi model has the electrical information embedded on the handle providing the wattage and settings instructions. Original Chi rod has a user manual containing the helpline numbers for support. With this customer gets guidance on the iron purchased, is original or not by the model number.Checking the LED light is one of the important steps. Original Chi hair iron will have LED light in red color when it is in use and turns to opaque when it is in off mode. But when it comes to fake iron, LED light is displayed in red color even when it is in off mode. Details regarding the usage of the chi hair straightener is embedded on the surface of the iron if it is original, and if it is a fake iron then it has sticker. Original Chi Nano iron contains sticker, but people should not mistake that it is also a fake one because one or two models of Chi hair iron has sticker on it but not all.Chi Flat Iron is best known for its 2-in-1 auto digital curling and straightening. This helps in creating beautiful barrel curls to the hair. These barrel curls look as if they are created by a standard hair roller but actually it is done by curling iron. Roller sets take lot of time to curl but curling iron creates curls within less time. Chi Flat Iron professional irons manufactured by Farouk Systems, Inc. The main feature of Chi Iron is its 1 and 1/4 inch curling iron which is best used to create large barrel curls. Let us see how to create barrel curls.First step is to pre-heat the Chi curling device before applying to the chi flat irons heats quickly and its temperature can be adjusted from 200-392 degrees. Its main feature is that right temperature can be set. Before curling the hair, apply heat protectant spray to prevent hair damage caused due to overheat. It adds shine and the curls also last for longer time. It is better to apply spray to clean the dry hair.The lock-in button of one- inch ceramic plates should be locked to create barrel curls. Hair must be sectioned; either it may be a short or long hair with the use of clips and hair should be wrapped around the curling iron. It should slide from top to bottom of the hair. With the help of curling iron roll the hair into the barrel moving towards the scalp. It should not touch the scalp to avoid this use a comb, so that scalp does get the heat. The iron should be held for few second as heat penetrates the hair. Once this is done unwind the hair carefully and repeat the process different sections of hair.