If you are looking for a best quality iron from the endless varieties of products available in the market, then you need to take several things into consideration. The best quality flat iron should be one that is manufactured with incredibly smooth and durable heating plates that can help to style your hair within a matter of seconds without damaging your hair. Finding such a flat iron will be a mammoth task for you if you have no idea of how to determine its quality. In this article, we will give you information on how to choose a chi flat iron in terms of its quality, durability and performance. Quality and durability go hand in hand. When these two factors are considered about chi hair straightener, then the main aspect to look upon while choosing a flat iron is of course the materials used for its manufacture, especially the heating plates. There are different types of flat iron plates being used according to which the quality and price may vary. Most of cheap and poor quality flat irons are made with metal plates that are not recommended to the serious harm they applies on your hair while styling. When aluminum plates are used for styling, they tend to pull your hair and cause scratches or damages to your hair. Because of this, metal plates are now replaced by ceramic plates. Ceramic plates are extremely smooth and durable, and when heated tend to distribute lot of negative ions that help in heating the hair evenly and stably. As a result, you hair is protected from any damaged that may be caused by the heat of the device. Ceramic plates are now infused with tourmaline materials that are high quality gemstones that emits up to 6 times more negative ions than ceramic plates. Thus, it guaranteed extra protection and effective styling of your hair. There are a number of flat irons available today made with 100 % tourmaline infused ceramic plates. These material help in providing smooth, silky super straight hair surface, while retaining the hair's natural moisture.Among the flat irons available in the market, Chi Flat iron is known for its innovative technology. It is designed in such a way that it can be handled easily. It has got ceramic plates inside, which ensures that the heat is spread evenly all over the hair. Chi hair iron is famous for its quality. There are many imitations of cheap chi straighteners in the market. There are some points to be considered to test whether the iron purchased is original chi hair iron or not. First and Foremost step is to check whether the plug has three pongs and reset button or not. If this is not seen then it is a fake iron. But, not all Chi hair irons will have three pongs, Chi Mini -1 inch and Chi Digital Nano 1.25 inch will not have such plug but it has got a power chord which has got UL certification.