Regardless of what type of hair you have, you can style it into the glance you wish for chi flat iron. If you need straight hair, then this article will tell you what to look for in a styling rod that makes it promising to straighten any sort of hair with the minimum amount of effort, time, and expense. Definitely it is less expensive to purchase your own chi hair straightener and straighten hair at home. Further, it is more convenient than usual visits to a beauty salon. If you make use of the right flat iron, getting your hair straighten will be a lot easier. For those with short hair, apply a flat iron that is one inch wide. Conversely, you should utilize an ironing rod that is one and one half inches wide if your hair is long. Even though the width of a hair straightener is very imperative, it should let you to regulate the temperature or heat settings of the plates. You may have trouble straightening your hair, if a flat iron doesn't get hot a sufficient amount.There are a number of flat irons that have dials letting you manage how hot the plates become. Thus you can choose from various temperature levels. Here is a rough guide for helping you decide what temperature to set your flat iron based on your hair type. Set your chi flat iron sale temperature at the lowest settings, if your hair is fragile, fine, bleached or damage. Set your flat iron temperature in the middle range for normal hair. Set your flat iron temperature to the highest settings, if it is thick or coarse but healthy. If a straightening rod allows you to control how hot its plates get, almost any hair type can be straightened with easiness. Remember that these are some general guiding principles. Some practice and experimentation will aid you get a feel for what is precisely exact for your hair. The trick is to come across the right device among a lot of brands available, which will do the work securely and devoid of damaging your hair.With a mist of heat protector spray, spray all of your hair. Your hair will be protected from the heat of flat iron with this spray. You will get different brands of heat protector sprays in market and one of the good news is that Chi also makes a heat protector spray. Your hair should be separated into two sections taking the top layers and tying them in a bun. Brush your hair with the hair brush taking a piece of hair about 3 inches in width. Clamp the iron on your piece of hair near the roots and then follow the brush. To straighten your hair this is the best technique. Moving down the strands of hair, constantly keep the flat iron. The last step is, when you reach the ends of your hair, curl the ends of your hair by curling the flat iron.The last step is, when you reach the ends of your hair, curl the ends of your hair by curling the flat iron.