A flat iron is an ideal temporary solution for obtaining super straight and good looking hair. A wide variety of flat irons are available in the market now. The plates of the chi flat iron vary from Chrome plates to ceramic ones. There are also gold coloured metal plates, which were believed to have uniform heat distribution property. As the years passed by and due to the technological advancements, the older models are replaced by ceramic plates which are loaded with a variety of features.Heat of any type on the hair can be harmful as it makes it dry and brittle. But ceramic flat iron claims that they have the special feature of sealing the moisture content of the hair. The plates of the ceramic flat iron are so smooth. They reduces the chances of getting hair pulled or tugged, thus reduces hair breakage. Another main factor you have to consider is how to use the device. You need to have good knowledge on flat irons in order to bring out the desired results. Expensive flat irons boast out plenty of features. But if you do not know to use them, you should be better choosing a simple one. Apart from a flat iron, you need to have several other products like hair brush, clips, hair conditioners and heat protective products. Once you plug the iron to the electric supply, it starts to heat up. Now partition your hair into a number of smaller sections and hold them in place using hair clips. Now release one portion of hair and start straightening it. Hold the flat iron at about 4-5 inches away from your head, or else it could be dangerous. Make sure not to hold the device at a portion of hair for a long time. It can easily burn your hair. Always keep moving the flat iron in a slow and steady manner. After straightening one section of hair, go for the next. Likewise, repeat the process for the remaining sections of hair. Once you are done with the flat iron, apply some finishing product like creams, gels, hair spray etc on the hair. This will give an extra shine and smoothness to the hair. Now you can see that you haven't just transformed your hair, but your overall beauty as well.Ceramic flat iron has some other good features. They produce uniform distribution of heat along the plate and thus help in better hair straightening. They avoid the chance of hair getting burned. Overall, the performance of a ceramic flat iron is just superb. Your hair can be given a volumized look by using a blow dryer and round brush to dry your hair, before using the flat iron. Certain varieties of ceramic chi hair straightener have teeth like projections on the plates. They do the role of combing your hair ahead of ironing. By this way you can eliminate frizz and tangles before ironing your hair. It also saves a lot of time as it avoids the need of combing. Always make sure to dry your hair well before using the flat iron. If there is water content on the hair, it can get burned while you iron it. This is very harmful both to the hair and scalp. Certain ceramic flat irons have the compatibility of using on both wet and dry hair. But it is recommended to use on dry hair only.Ceramic chi flat iron on sale are available from various professional brands. They are available in various price ranges also. Choose the right one that suits your hair type and individual preferences.