Ceramic plates avoid heat spots by spreading the heat evenly throughout the hair. A ceramic plate infused by tourmaline is used if the hair is curly to make it straight and silky. The sizes of plates come differently. So one need to select the one which suit their hair according to the length. Generally narrow plates are used for short hair and plates which are wide used for long hair which also does not consume much time. Straightening the hair requires much time, to save the time the irons is best option if the hair is thick and long. It is waste spending much time on straightening the hair using the irons reduces one's time and it is applied all over the hair gradually over the different sections of the hair. chi hair straighteners costs around $10 to $300 which people might not willing to spend high rate, for them iron costing at $75 and bit more than that with good features can be purchased. Flat irons are available in plenty of brands. It depends on one's choice wanting to spend much cost or not. CHI and GHD are rated as the top quality by online reviewers and hair experts.Beware of the fact that your hair could get damages because of the intense heat from the styling products. So, apply a heat protectant spray which not only protects hair but also gives it a healthy and shiny look. Make sure that you are applying this protectant after washing, conditioning and completely drying the hair. Before styling, part your hair into various sections and clip them with hair clips. By doing this you would find that styling hair is simple and hassle free. A lock in button is provided which is used to lock the one inch ceramic plates together to create barrel curls. Glide the chi flat irons on sale from the root to the tip of one hair part and then curl towards the hair roots. Place a comb on the scalp portion so that heat will not affect the scalp and the curling should be held in this position for some time so that you will get well defined barrel curls. Repeat this process to all hair partings. After cooling you can style your wonderful barrel curls with your hand or comb and then apply a hair spray. Thus the barrels curls would last for a longer period of time. In order to avoid damage due to heat which may lead to burns you should always check the temperature of the wholesale chi hair straightener.Take your very thin flat iron with a round edge which is about an inch-and-a half or less and depending on your hair type. If your hair is very coarse and curly then the flat iron should be heated to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The flat iron should have round edge so that your hair would not get damaged. Before starting the process you will have to apply a heat damage protection gel and should make sure that your hair is completely dried out. Use a blow dryer to get your hair dried. Now you come across that you hair is very smooth as there will be no knots and tangles. Hold a section of your hair within the flat iron and you can turn the device in any direction. You can turn it to the direction of about one-and-a-half turns in the direction you require your curl to be; and you should simultaneously pull the flat iron. This process can be repeated to your whole hair. If you want your curls to stay longer, you can use a hair spray and be sure that you spray to the underneath of your hair. The process is so simple and easy; and you yourself would be astonished with your new haircut simply with a flat iron.