Technology at its best! Lot of importance is given to the appearance of a personality and if anyone would want to change their appearance by making their hair look shiny, silky and sleek, we have cheap chi straighteners available in the market.Now a day's straightening iron which is also called as hair straightener comes with ceramic plates or tourmaline which spreads the heat evenly to straighten the hair. There are many styling tools in the market but one need to choose it very carefully and need to be aware of certain terms like ceramic plates, negative ions etc. Not only being aware of certain technical terms but while buying an ironing rod one need to consider the power and heat settings because different curls need different levels of heat to get the hair straight at its best.Ceramic plates avoid heat spots by spreading the heat evenly throughout the hair. A ceramic plate infused by tourmaline is used if the hair is curly to make it straight and silky. The sizes of plates come differently. So one need to select the one which suit their hair according to the length. Generally narrow plates are used for short hair and plates which are wide used for long hair which also does not consume much time.Straightening the hair requires much time, to save the time the irons is best option if the hair is thick and long. It is waste spending much time on straightening the hair using the irons reduces one's time and it is applied all over the hair gradually over the different sections of the hair.Flat irons costs around $10 to $300 which people might not willing to spend high rate, for them iron costing at $75 and bit more than that with good features can be purchased. chi hair straighteners are available in plenty of brands. It depends on one's choice wanting to spend much cost or not. chi flat irons on sale and GHD are rated as the top quality by online reviewers and hair experts.Flat irons are used by both men and women for straightening their hair. Every iron is approved by hair stylists and guarantees straight, silky and shiny hair. As every person has different hair type therefore, everyone should buy iron according to his/her own hair. Women with long hair can buy it with large plates similarly short haired women can buy small plates iron. On the other hand large and thick hairs need extra heat as compared to the small hairs.Although there are many reasons for assessing the eminence of it but he most vital feature is to focus on heating system. Apart from many heating systems present inflate irons; most beneficial one is the Integrated Ceramic Heating system.