1920 ─ ─ sandals and high heels combination. Dress as women have a more open attitude update, plus more relaxed moral standards, designers began to try to  "naked" with sandals and high heels, elegant dinner to become high-heeled sandals. In addition, 1920 will be "high" into the fashion trend, high-heeled, slender and elegant lines, is an important feature of this era shoes. 19th century, high heels have a very important development ─ ─ heels almost out of the  men's field, unlike the men first appeared widely loved, but gradually become the exclusive women's footwear. Moreover, even high heels brothel in Paris, France introduced to the United States, because they found that wearing high heels can be successful without wearing their prostitutes prostitutes more than  by the customers of all ages.1930s, the Great Depression, people's lives are very hard, so necessary to wear shoes. Shoes of this period stronger and simple, but elegant lines still  exist. Roger Vivier shoe division to the French luxury decorative heels, began to affect the "concept of U. S. shoes", the luxury high-heeled Nike Air Max  2009 shoes in the Qin Jie? header Rogers (Ginger Rogers) feet shine.In the 1950s, high-heeled shoes of the most important period of history, the early high-heeled Nike Air Max 90 shoes because shoe technology and materials of  the limit, the heel can only create a funnel-shaped, that is, from the soles began to narrow with the Ministry, the Ministry of further expansion in the end. With the heel can later develop into straight lines of the United States is still lacking. Until the 50's pin technology revolutionized the high-heeled  shoes, the designer can design on the tapered heel today. And then Marilyn Monroe is designed for wear by the metal thin Salvatore Ferragamo heels with her  fame, no wonder she said: "Although I do not know who first invented high heels, but all women should be grateful to him, high heels cause me great help. On  duty the cheapness sale inbound deep geezerhood, I bear checked,, and horseshoes.So even if you're trying to save money, do not take the protection away from your eyes, but rather realize the benefits of investing in some quality pair of Oakley Radarsunglasses. You won't regret it.Oakley is the only brand renowned for its Ray-Ban ZX300 sunglasses and ski goggles. Jim Jannard, the founder of Oakley eyewear in USA first developed motor bike hand grips and sold them at the motor bike events. After gathering an innovative response to his product, he moved on to sunglasses line. At present Oakley Polarized sunglasses are creating a new trend in the fashion world. They gained a separate position in the field of fashion and are creating some exciting products by keeping pace with the changing trend.